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        These tank level sensors are Lumenite®'s solution for 100's of

custom level control operations.  Industrialeveline™ controls are totally

customizable with various options to suite your needs.  If you don't see

you operation in the standard list of controls below,  contact us with your


Stand Alone Mount

Industrial Conuctivity Control Photo


FLT - standard sensitivity (water, soup, vinegar)

FMFT - no foam sensitivity (milk, cream, whey)

FLTV - vable sensitivity (used for a wide range of liquids)


12 - 12 VAC

24 - 24 VAC

1 - 110 VAC

2 - 220 VAC4 - 440 VAC


B - bell & silence button

C - auto-off manual selector switch

2C - 2 auto-off manual selector switches

F - bell, light & silence button

MS - magnetic motor starter (specify size & HP of motor)

S - signal light


PWP - Nema 4x polycarbonate waterproof, corrosion resistant enclosure

SWP - Nema 4X 304 s.s. waterproof, corrosion resistant enclosure

Stand Alone Mount Standard Options

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Standard & Special Level

Controls . . .

Standard Single Level

Standard Two Level

Standard Three Level

Standard Three & Four Level

Special Single Level

Special Two Level

Special Three Level