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Octal Socket

        Octal socket type conductivity level switches have a single relay with one set of dry

contacts.  These tank level sensors are ideal for single point on / off switching or filling and

emptying operations.  The Paneleveline™ series is specifically designed for panel builders

and contractors although it can be mounted in a polycarbonate or 304 s.s. housing and

used as a stand alone control.

SHOWN : WFLTV-SM-2011 tank level sensor 1 relay

conductivity level control,  octal socket mounting,  variable

sensitivity (optional) feature for various liquids,  110VAC

Picturw of WFLTV-SM-2011 variable sensitivity, single relay conductivity level control.

Standard Options


WFLT - standard sensitivity (water, soup, vinegar)

WFMFT - no foam sensitivity (milk, cream, whey)

WFLTV - variable sensitivity (used for a wide range of liquids)



SM - octal socket mount



201 - single relay operation for single on/off switch or

filling/emptying operation



24 - 24VAC

1 - 110VAC

2 - 220VAC

4 - 440VAC


HOUSING (optional) : 

PWP - Nema 4x polycarbonate waterproof, corrosion resistant enclosure

SWP - Nema 4X 304 s.s. waterproof, corrosion resistant enclosure


SAMPLE PART # : WFLT - SM - 2011 - PWP

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