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        The MTC-4000  a simple yet efficient pasteurization test method used to measure the short time,  pasteurization holding period required by the

U.S. public health code.  This code states that every particle of milk or

product be heated to 160˚F for a minimum of 15 seconds.  The MTC-4000

measures this short time pasteurization period to 1/100th of a second accuracy.

        The MTC-4000 pasteurization test timer can also be used with any

other conductive liquid requiring pasteurization. (i.e. juices and other liquid


Model MTC-4000  

4th Generation

        Start and stop probe assemblies are mounted at

2 different areas on the pasteurization holding tube.  The

top of the SSI-003 salt injector is attached to a pressurized

air source while the bottom is attached to the start probe

injection nozzle with high pressure reinforced tubing.

        Once the SSI-001 liquid output valve is manually

opened,  saline solution is injected into the holding tube

which starts the counter.  When the saline solution reaches

the stop probe,  the counter stops providing the elapsed

time.  The operator can then run additional tests to satisfy

the health code.

• MTC - 4000 hand held battery operated milk tester control with

  auto - calibration/equalization, USB PC interface, battery charger cable,

  and protective plastic carrier

• 2 - Type 2DCF1.5" tri-clamp Sanitrodes™ (probe assemblies) with two

  4" long teflon insulated probes

• 2 - Type 2DCF2" tri-clamp Sanitrodes™ (probe assemblies) with two

  4" long teflon insulated probes (alternate tri-clamp sizes available

  (2.5", 3" or 4" caps))

***For alternate probe cap types please consult Lumenite®.

• 2 - Type 2J1.5" jack with 10 feet of cable (probe to tester connection)

SSI-003 304 s.s. constructed saline solution injection apparatus

• Type .25 x .25 3-4 s.s. check valves

• Type 10ft. of reinforced tubing with fitting for connection to SSI-003

• Universal USB car charger for MTC-4000

• Carrying case designed to hold the MTC-4000, 6 Sanitrodes™,  2 jacks and various other accessories

•  Spray Nozzle for Start Probe (used for connection to SSI injector)

•  Additional Start and Stop probes can be purchased as needed

•  Additional 2J-1.5" milk tester jacks

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