Conductivity is a measure of the ability of a given

substance to conduct electric current,  equal to the

reciprocal of the resistance of a substance.  This

medium is the most widespread and popular way of

measuring the level of liquid in a tank.  Our liquid level

controls can sense a multitude of different liquids (R.O.

water, beer, acids,  wine, milk,  cheeses, cream,

pharmaceutical products, salt water, etc.).

        Lumenite® Conductivity level controls come in

various mounting methods,  sizes and relay

configurations and they can be used for sanitary and

industrial applications both indoors and outdoors.

Lumenite® level controls are listed UL-353 (intrinsically

safe) as primary safety devices  which also makes

them perfect for the boiler industry and explosive,

volatile environments.

Conductivity Level Controls . . .

        Lumenite® Capacitance level transmitters can

continuously sense any type of liquid from conductive

acids to non-conductive oils.  It can also sense moist

granular solids and provide a full 4-20mA output and

continuous percentage of tank full.

        The Capacitance principal of level measurement

says the output signal in milliamps is dependent on

the formula : Dielectric Constant * Area of Parallel

Plates ÷ Distance Between Parallel Plates or C=KA/D.

In a level measurement application,  the dielectric

constant “K” is a value greater than 1.  The value “A”

is dependent on the diameter and length the level

probe.  The value “D” is the distance from the probe

to the tank wall,  ground reference probe or concentric

tube.  Consequently,  capacitance (C) and the

resultant mA output increases as the dielectric

constant increases,  the probe diameter and length

increases, and the distance from the probe to tank

wall (ground probe or tube),  decreases.

Capacitance Level Controls . . .

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