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        "The Capacitance Principal" of level measurement says the

output signal in milliamps is dependent on the formula :

        Capacitance (C) = Dielectric Constant (K) * Area of Parallel

Plates (A) ÷ Distance Between Parallel Plates (D) or C = KA / D.

        In a level measurement application,  the dielectric constant “K” is a

value greater than 1.  The value “A” is dependent on the diameter and

length the level probe.  The value “D” is the distance from the probe to

the tank wall,  ground reference probe or concentric tube.  Consequently,

capacitance (C) and the resultant mA output increases as the dielectric

constant increases,  the probe diameter and length increases, and the

distance from the probe to tank wall (ground probe or tube),  decreases.

MLST And MLXT Front Calalog Photo

        MLST & MLXT - 4220 capacitance level transmitters are for both sanitary and industrial level transmitter

applications.  They provide a continuous 4-20mA,  20-amA,  1-5VDC or 5-1VDC analog output proportional

to the material level in any shaped tank.  They can be used for conductive, non-conductive liquids and moist

granular solids.

     The MLST & MLXT - TEMP - 4220 combination level and temperature transmitter is geared for both

sanitary and industrial applications.  In addition to having all of the standard specifications,  it provides

2 separate 4-20mA outputs, measuring level and temperature with a single probe and one tank connection.

Temperature ranges can be from -100˚ to 1,000˚F.

• Resolution to better than 1 part in 10,000

• Accuracy and repeatability to less than 0.1% of span

• Microprocessor based transmitter with on board digital to analog conversion assuring negligible output

  current error of 0.003%

• Linearity of better than 0.003% over industrial temperature range of -20˚F to 160˚F

• Designed with most up to date surface mount, integrated circuits and components

• Standard range of 0.0001 picofarads to 15,000 picofarads allowing the 4220 to span 4-20mA

   over 1 inch of water, (high sensitivity) or hundreds of feet of water (low sensitivity)

• Non interacting zero and span

• Cancel Coat™ circuitry and superior resolution eliminate the readout errors cause by

   conductive coatings on the sensing probe

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