<>Ordering Code And Optional Configurations

Type of Stainless Steel Cap with Teflon Insulated Probe

(feature designation : A)
DAFT = bevel seat cap and teflon insulated probe
DCFT = tri-clamp cap and teflon insulated probe
DKFT = k-clamp cap and teflon insulated probe
DPFT = pv cap and teflon insulated probe
H-PREFIX = 1" thick heavy duty cap for higher temperature and pressure ratings
T-PREFIX = teflon cap and insulation
HD-PREFIX = 1" thick cap with integral compression fitting

Standard Cap Sizes for All Sanitrodes
 (feature designation : B)
a) 1-1/2"    b) 2"    c)3"    d)4"

Probe Length
(feature designation : C)
12" is standard; any length avaliable; specify in inches.  Jack & Cable Assembly

(feature designation : D)
Specify J - Jack with 10ft. or 20ft. of cable.  Longer length cable available.  Specify in feet

Sample Order Number :
A                         B                        C                            D
DCFT                   2"            -          12"            -            J - Jack - 20ft.